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Spa Day Retreat

Nurturing and restorative program offered for people nearing the completion of their cancer treatment.


The Spa Day Retreat provides a transition opportunity to move from a clinical center setting, into a wellness environment.  Guests are selected and referred by clinical staff at Greet The Day affiliated cancer centers.

Greet The Day is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to improve quality of life for people affected by cancer through education and integrative oncology care.


All Greet The Day programs complement medical care, and have provided many thousands of hours of integrative oncology care in multiple spas and cancer treatment centers.

About Greet The Day

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Infusion Center Massage

Comforting massage provided onsite at the Infusion Center is a reminder that the body can find relief and relaxation in spite of the emotional stress and physical discomfort experienced during the routine course of treatment.


Oncology trained massage therapists, estheticians, and mani/pedi technicians provide hand and foot massage for patients receiving chemotherapy in outpatient Infusion Centers.

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Inpatient Massage

Part of an ongoing Greet The Day initiative to integrate integrative modalities into inpatient care.


This program offers safe, comfort orientated massage and bodywork for hospitalized cancer patients, positively affecting both the patient and family's hospital experience.

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Bridge to Wellness

Working in collaboration with yoga and wellness instructors Greet The Day provides programs to help bridge the divide between active treatment and nurturing personal wellness.

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Greet The Day Programs

Speaker's Forum

Greet The Day offers programs for people with all types of cancer, and at all times of their cancer journey.  We support safe massage, bodywork and skin care during active cancer treatment, long term survivorship, and when quality of life is the objective.


We welcome the opportunity to share oncology massage and skin care information with your clinicians, community group, or wellness program. Improving quality of life is the underlying goal of what we do.

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Greet The Day works in close collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of oncology-trained massage therapists, estheticians, clinical staff, physicians, nurses, patient navigators and social workers.