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Learn why, when and how to use essential oils as part of health care


The use of essential oils can be beneficial for people at all levels of health and wellness, or disease. Join this program to learn why, when and how to use essential oils as part of health care.


Because this is a Greet The Day program the class content will include how to safely use essential oils for people receiving medical care, including cancer treatments, to assist in coping better with the symptoms and side-effects of treatment.


Aromatherapy Essentials, 6CE

Foundation program introduces participants to essential oils and aromatherapy and lays the groundwork for safe incorporation in practice. Class materials fee $10.


This introductory program is the prerequisite class for the

Aromatherapy in Health Care classes.


The Aromatherapy in Health Care classes are advanced training programs preparing practitioners to safely incorporate essential oil use for medically compromised individuals. During these classes you will learn to work as a contributing member of a care team using aromatherapy practices that may help minimize side effects of allopathic medicine and effects of disease progression.


Aromatherapy in Health Care:

Pain and Gastrointestinal Disorders, 6CE

Prerequisite: Aromatherapy Essentials

Special interest course focusing on bone pain, pain associated with the musculoskeletal system, and gastrointestinal disorders such as nausea, mucositis, diarrhea, constipation, altered sense of taste and loss of appetite. Class materials fee $20.


Aromatherapy in Health Care:

Fatigue, Anxiety and Fluid Pathway Disorders, 6CE

Prerequisite: Aromatherapy Essentials

Special interest course focusing on fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, edema and lymphedema, and will introduce practitioners to the essential oils used with Five Element Healing Therapy. Class materials fee $20.

Aromatherapy in Health Care

About the Instructor

Rebecca Bruckner is an Educator, Massage Therapist, Clinical Aromatherapist, and Aroma Apothecary Healing Arts Academy Instructor. Guest Lecturer at the 2018 Natural Health Practitioners of Canada conference.

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Class Details


Class Tuition: $120 standard enrollment; $90 early enrollment for each 6CE class.


Early Enrollment Discount: Receive $30 reduced rate for each program by paying tuition before March 10th for the April programs.


Class Materials Fee: $15 for Aromatherapy Essentials, $25 for Aromatherapy in Health Care classes, payable to instructor on day of class.


Visit Edu Policies for information about payment processing and cancellation policies.


Class Times: 10am to 5pm


Prerequisites: These Aromatherapy classes are open to anyone interested in learning more about aromatherapy including community members, massage therapists, estheticians, hospice workers, nurses and health care aids. NCBTMB and BRN, California, accredited CE's are available for license renewal.


The Aromatherapy Essentials foundation class is the prerequisite for the Aromatherapy in Health Care classes.                    


What to wear and what to bring: Bring water and note taking materials. Wear comfortable clothing. Dress in layers and make sure to bring something warm. Food outlets in the area but you are invited to bring a sack lunch and a blanket to picnic on under the tree.


Class location:

Huntington Beach Reiki

3621 W. MacArthur Blvd. # 110 Santa Ana, CA 92704

AHCP standard enrollment $120 AHC/P early enrollment $90 AHCF standard enrollment $120 AHC/F early enrollment $90

Fatigue, Anxiety, Fluid Pathways

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Aromatheapy Essentials

is *Prerequisite to the Health Care modules





November 2nd


*Fatigue, Anxiety & Fluid Pathways


November 3rd


*Pain & GI Disorders

Planned for May 2020