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We are often asked about certification, and if the question is will you have a certificate then the answer is yes, you will have a certificate of completion.


The meaning of certification though is a larger, very important topic, and infers a certificate of accomplishment.


What the GTD/iiO (Greet The Day, Institute of Integrative Oncology) 3-day program can do for you is provide you with a clear and well-informed knowledge base helping you understand and apply the critical hands on and skin treatment modifications required for people in, or with a history of cancer treatment.


This is the required level of training accepted by S4OM, Society for Oncology Massage, and ISOE, International Society for Oncology Esthetics,  and teaches the fundamental components required for the therapist to work safely. It is the starting point, the essential corner stone, for all work related to oncology massage and skin treatments.


Professional Certifications

A true certification is not a 3-day, 5-day, or even a 25-day program.


A certification program involves hundreds of hours of study, many direct practice hours, ongoing CE fulfillment, and independent third party endorsement.


There are schools, very good ones, which do offer oncology certifications. These are self-endorsements. Recognize it for what it is.


As of yet there is no neutral, third party certification standard for this specialized field of massage and/or skin care.

If your objective is to work toward oncology certification, then once you have completed a foundation oncology program through an ISOE or S4OM recognized provider, you should continue to develop your skills through direct practice hours, self-study and related advanced education such as:


•  Supervised client clinics

•  Work-study internships

•  Advanced treatments

•  Risk management practices

•  Ethics

•  Professional boundaries

•  Presence at end-of-life

•  Mentorship engagement


If appropriate to your specialized field of interest your advanced studies should also include in and out patient internships, scar tissue mobilization, acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, and MLD, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, specifically for people with a history of cancer treatment.

Working toward Certification

iiO is committed to preparing therapists for when a National Certification standard is in place.

GTD/iiO is a Continuing Education Approved Provider


California Board of Registered

Nursing, Provider # CEP 14934



National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Provider # 450129-06



Massage Therapy Association of Alberta, Canada



Society for Oncology Massage



International Society of Oncology Estheticians

Foundation education Professional development Special interest

Education. Unique to your needs.

GTD/iiO courses are developed and reviewed by US board certified physicians, nurses, skin care therapists, and massage therapists.


Our programs are nationally accepted by many institutions and organizations throughout USA, and further afield.


No organization currently exists that provides endorsement or accreditation for a USA recognized national oncology massage or skin care certification standard.

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