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Advanced program for therapists specializing in working with an oncology clientele. Provides the opportunity for you to gain invaluable work-based experience in your area of special interest, and develop your competencies in the areas that challenge you. For more information, click here.  


Aromatherapy during Cancer Care

Learn how, when and which essential oils to use for people who are in cancer treatment. Detailed and experiential, this class is research-based and in accordance with aromatherapy treatment protocols being used in clinical care settings. For more information, click here.


Research Literacy:

Building an Evidence-Informed Practice

Learn the basics of research literacy: what research is, how to do a literature search and critically review current literature, and how to evaluate the findings in research studies based on the evidence presented. For more information, click here.


Hospital-Based Massage Therapy

Work in an adult inpatient setting while refining the skills learned during your infusion center massage or pediatric inpatient massage training. This is an invaluable learning experience and will significantly develop your competencies. For more information, click here.


Manual Lymph Drainage Certification

MLD techniques and treatment strategies for indications such as post-surgical edema, post-traumatic edema, fibromyalgia, general detoxification and other conditions, as well as to competently perform MLD on clients with mild, medically uncomplicated, primary or secondary lymphedema. For more information, click here.


Gentle Scar Tissue Mobilization Post-Mastectomy and Radiation

Learn how to address lingering chest wall tenderness/tightness, surgical or radiotherapy site adhesions, frozen shoulder, and/or range of motion restrictions that often result from  breast cancer treaments such as mastectomy and/or radiation. For more information, click here.


Presence at End of Life

Focus on what we can do, and be, with our hearts and minds that can make our work and our presence infinitely more valuable and connected as we serve those with life limiting illnesses. For more information, click here.


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