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Welcome to the life-changing work of IC Massage!


Please take a close look at (A), (B) and (C) below:


(A) Homework Assignments


1. Watch the four videos at the bottom of this page. Complete the RN Video Worksheet, and bring your completed worksheet to your first day of class. These assignments will help you better understand and safely serve the oncology client community in the Infusion Center setting. Estimated time 2-hours


2. Come to class knowing the information that was reviewed in your foundation education program. Complete the Foundation Worksheet and bring your notes to class. Estimated time 30-minutes


3. Complete the four Quizlet Infusion Center tutorials.


For the Quizlet tutorials

1. Review the Quizlet Flashcards

2. Play Match


If you want more time to prepare complete the Learn or Test sections



Cancer Aware: Terminology 101

Cancer Aware: Terminology 102

Chemotherapy Terms

Blood Cell Counts


Estimated time 90-minutes



(B) Dress Code and Lotion Requirements

Please make sure to read in enough time before class so that you are prepared.



(C) Compliance Documents

Before being permitted to work in the Infusion Center setting you will need to ensure that Greet The Day has received copies of all of the below listed documents either in hard copy or via email at least two weeks before your first day of class.


1.  Copy of your current professional license

2. TB negative test results completed within the last 12 months

3. Copy of your Professional Liability Insurance with Greet the Day listed as “additionally insured”    


This web page link is NOT included on our website menu so bookmark this page OR save the email link 

Infusion Center Massage Pre-Class Information

Therapist education is our priority and Greet The Day supports a knowledge based Certification standard for oncology massage and skin care therapists.


Your commitment to professional and personal best care practices will support you in safely serving the oncology community.

Dress code Lotion requirements Compliance documents
RN Video Worksheet

What you need to know BEFORE your first IC visit

Submit all three compliance documents at the same time.


Email  [email protected]

Foundation Worksheet