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Presented by Klose Training

45 CE


September 2019

6th to 11th

Friday thru Wednesday

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a therapeutic form of soft tissue mobilization. It dramatically enhances lymph formation and promotes drainage within the superficial and deep system of the lymph vascular network.


This six-day course will teach you to skillfully apply MLD techniques. Each day of this stimulating course will be divided into theoretical and hands-on application.

Erin Maranjian, LMT, BNCTMB, CLT-LANA, Klose Training faculty MLD Instructor, graduated from the Healing Arts Institute, Fort Collins, CO, in 1999. She earned certifications in Medical Massage from the Institute of Structural and Integrative Somatics in Fort Collins and Manual Lymph Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy from the Dr. Vodder School of North America in Victoria, British Columbia in 2000. She was certified as a Lymphedema Therapist by Klose Training in 2006 and received advanced training in lymphedema therapy at the Foeldi Clinic in Hinterzarten, Germany, in 2014.


Since 1999, Erin has maintained a private practice for massage and lymphedema treatment in Fort Collins, Colorado. In 2002, she joined the staff at Longmont United Hospital as an oncology massage and manual lymph drainage and lymphedema therapist. Erin specializes in working with oncology patients and those with chronic disabilities and edema issues.


MLD Deposit $300 MLD early enrollment $900

Class Details


Class Hours: 

Days 1 to 5 - 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

Day 6 - 8:30 am to 2:30 pm


Prerequisites: This course is offered to: Licensed/Certified Massage Therapists, PT, PTA, OT, COTA, ATC, RN, and MD.


Location: Newport Beach,

Orange County, CA


Tuition: The standard tuition for the course is $950 (includes course manual). Early enrollment tuition is $900 if paid two full months before the start of class (by July 5th).


A deposit of $300.00 is required at the time of registration and will hold your spot until the total amount is due. Early enrollment tuition is due paid in full two months before course start date. Standard tuition is due paid in full one month before course start date.


Please visit Edu Policies for information about payment processing and cancellation policies.

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Certification

MLD standard enrollment $950 MLD early balance $600 MLD standard balance $650

Please note: This course will not prepare the participant for the Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) treatment of lymphedema. CDT certification includes instruction on limb measurement and wrapping, compression garments, exercise and skin care. Students who are so motivated must take an additional certification training course and meet other requirements of enrollment.

• Demonstrate an understanding of the anatomy and the relevant scientific terminology related to the lymphatic system


• Demonstrate an understanding of the differentiation between the normal and diseased states of the lymphatic system (physiology and pathophysiology of the lymphatic system)


• Demonstrate an understanding of the indications and contraindications related to the use of MLD


• Competently perform the techniques of MLD for all body areas


• Competently perform MLD on clients after breast surgery for cancer (clients at risk to develop lymphedema)


• Develop appropriate treatment strategies for indications such as post-surgical edema, post-traumatic edema, fibromyalgia, general detoxification and other conditions


• Competently perform MLD on clients with mild, medically uncomplicated, primary or secondary lymphedema

Participants will be able to

About the Instructor


Full Tuition

Deposit/Payment Option

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Rene’ Janiece, LMT, NCTMB, CLT, joined the Klose Training faculty as MLD Instructor in 2006. In addition to her work with Klose Training & Consulting and her clinical practice, she is a Certified Oncology Massage Therapist who has studied extensively with leading instructors in the oncology massage field.


Rene’ also offers courses on massage and lymphedema awareness throughout the United States.


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