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The Ethics and Research of Care

NCBTMB approved Ethics and Research program. Class attendance is offered at no charge. CE certificate fees apply.


The Ethical Challenges of Oncology Client Care, 3CE

Working with the oncology population both magnifies common ethical issues and presents some that are unique to that population.  It can be easy to lose sight of our role as massage therapists when we find ourselves in an environment of suffering that involves whole families and impossible prognoses. This 3-hour course will expose common pitfalls, introduce important tools of communication and support the development of essential self-care strategies. Join oncology massage therapists Lucille Eddy and Lauren Cates for a lively exploration of these and other ethical issues in pediatric and adult oncology care.


The Research and Practical Application of Self-Care, 3CE

Whether you have a passion for helping people or a job that requires you to care for others, taking care of yourself is paramount to your work and will prevent burnout or compassion fatigue. During this three-hour course, you will learn methods and strategies that will elevate and extend your ability to care for others. We will experience a meditation, a nature walk-about, a little bit of laughter therapy and will discuss the research behind self-care. Taught by massage therapist and educator Jacki Sellers; Licensed Clinical Social Worker Catherine Bailey; and yoga teacher and naturalist Kim Mason.



What’s Different About Oncology Massage?

It might not be what you think. Laypeople, healthcare providers and even seasoned oncology massage therapists will learn something about the important contribution of this unique sub-specialty within massage therapy and cancer care. Come spend an evening discovering how and why massage therapy specifically tailored to the needs of people affected by cancer requires specialized training, delivers unexpected relief and fits seamlessly into conventional treatment options.


Presenter: Lauren Muser Cates, Healwell Executive Director, past President S4OM  Cost: 3CE/$60, or no CE/$25

Nurturing the Nurturer Calendar

OCT 19


10am - 5pm



10am - 1pm



2pm - 5pm

OCT 20

Tuesday 6pm - 9pm

OCT 8-9

Thu - Fri

10am - 5pm

Ethics Presenters

Lauren Muser Cates, Executive Director Healwell, past President S4OM

Lucille Eddy, Program Director Healwell


Research Presenters 

Jacki Sellers, CMT, BCTMB, S4OM

Catherine Bailey, LCSW

Kim Mason, Yoga Instructor, Naturalist


Location: Fullerton Arboretum, Fullerton, CA.


Cost: NCBTMB approved Ethics and Research program. Class attendance is offered at no charge. CE certificate fees apply, $40 fee per CE certificate or $70 fee for both.


Cancer Aware: Client Safety and Lymphedema

More than 1.5 million people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Many millions more are living with cancer treatment histories. This program is the first step to learning about cancer survivor saftey considerations, and an excellent refresher for therapists who already have an oncology education foundation. For more information, click here.


Pediatric Inpatient Massage

Review the essential considerations of working with a pediatric hematology/oncology inpatient population, and work with patients and their families in the hospital setting. For more information, click here.


Presence at End of Life

Focus on what we can do, and be, with our hearts and minds that can make our work and our presence infinitely more valuable and connected as we serve those with life limiting illnesses. For more information, click here.

iiO October California Calendar

OCT 22-25

Thu - Sun

9am - 5pm

OCT 26-28

Mon - Wed

9am - 5pm


3CE Ethics $40 3CE Research $40 6CE Eth & Res $70 no CE Eth & Res

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