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Informative, experiential and interactive, this class is delivered in accordance with Usui Reiki treatment protocols and will help you gain a thorough understanding of the system of Reiki from a traditional Japanese and Western perspective.


In this class you will learn how to give yourself and others a complete Reiki session, and practice techniques and meditations that can be used daily to ensure a clearer and stronger Reiki channel.

To enroll for CE's process payment below

Usui Reiki Level I Certification

Reiki CE $60

This class is for everyone: patients and their caregivers, community members, estheticians, massage therapists, yoga teachers and clinical staff.


If you want to register for class and do NOT require CE's then register through the No CE's Required link above.


If you would like a CE certificate then register through the Reiki CE $60 link provided above.


6 CE Credits NCBTMB Approved for licensed massage therapists


4 CE Credits for CNA, HHA, and RN


•  The original meaning of Reiki

•  Historical account of Mikao Usui

•  Five elements of Reiki  

•  Traditional use of symbols and mantras

•  Japanese energetic system and Hatsurei Ho

•  Western techniques of Reiki

During this program you will learn

Kerri Draper is a Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Huntington Beach Reiki. Author of the Oncology Reiki Practitioner Manual, she has for many years been the Reiki teacher for Hoag Hospital, Optimal Hospice and Orange Coast College in southern California.


Kerri has been the guest speaker on Reiki for Cancer at cancer symposiums, summits and on documentaries, and has started many Reiki programs in local cancer centers, hospitals, hospice, senior centers, and horse and animal rescues. She offers one of the longest running and most successful Reiki training programs in California.


12pm to 6pm

Santa Ana, CA


Class Dates

July 25

Ongoing monthly, please revisit for future dates

2020 Class Dates

Class details


Prerequisite: This class is open to everyone who would like to learn about Reiki.


Class Tuition: Donation. This class attendance is offered by the instructor on a donation basis.


More about donating to Huntington Beach Reiki, the Course Provider: 

The usual cost of a Shoden Level I Class is around $150 to $350.


The usual donation for HB Reiki is $75-$150; you will be asked to leave a donation of your choosing at the end of the class which will be shared with cancer support charities.


CE Fee: An optional $60 CE certificate fee payable to Greet The Day applies for NCBTMB or BRN, CA, CE's.


Professional License CE credits: 

6 CE Credits for licensed/registered massage therapists, 4 CE Credits for CNA and RN


Class Times: 12pm to 6pm


What to wear and what to bring: Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a sack lunch and a bottle of water. Bring a pencil and notepad to take notes.


Class location:

Huntington Beach Reiki

3621 W. MacArthur Blvd. # 110 Santa Ana, CA 92704

Kerri, her mother and sister are all cancer survivors. Her father passed away from cancer in 2010. All this has made cancer very personal to her. Kerri offers all her services completely free to those dealing with cancer.


Her cancer journey lasted for more than three years and today she is cancer free and feels great. She felt Western medicine healed her physical top layer, but she needed a deeper universal healing. A mind, body, and soul healing. So she decided to learn Reiki.


On her journey to learn Reiki she realized the cost for a class was more than she could afford at the time so when she created Huntington Beach Reik and began offering classes, she decided to charge by donation as she feels everyone should be able to enjoy and benefit from the gift of Reiki.

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Reiki - no CE's required

Class offered on a donation basis. Why?

About the Instructor

The Usui Reiki Level 2 Certification class is offered on the Sunday following the Reiki Level I courses.


To register for the Level 2 class let the instructor, Kerri Draper, know you will be returning to class when you attend your Reiki Level 1 class.


Reiki CE credits with Greet The Day are only available for the Usui Reiki Level 1 Certification Class.

Usui Reiki Level 2 Certification