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"Often I feel that I paid money for a CEU Certificate without really learning anything. This is the best Continuing Education course I have taken. I feel I came away with a skill that will enhance what I offer in massage and am confident I will provide a safer massage."  

-Cynthia Clarke, Chicago, IL


"Jacki represents all that is best in oncology massage. Her clear explanation of the principles, care, application, and treatment protocol was done with grace and humor."

-MK Brennan, S4OM President


"Amazing reminder about the power of presence – being a neutral, present, safe place is a powerful gift."



"While there was a lot of information it was given in a way that allowed for comprehension and retention."



"A wealth of information for anyone who has been touched by cancer and feels any fear or anxiety about it."



"Brilliant workshop! I have a better understanding of the focus of oncology massage and have learned a few more things about myself at the same time." -D.L.


"This was one of the best classes I’ve attended. It was well-organized and timely. Very very good!"



"All of the instructors were wonderful. The material was linear, logical and well presented. The workshop included information ranging from creative thought to clinical case studies, from emotional and psychological impact to blood clots and contraindications. Workshop was both well rounded, well grounded, and fun."

-Tina Kelly, massage therapist, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa


"Well organized. The perfect workshop to help me transition my practice!"


Education testimonials

"In the 20 years I have been a physical therapist this workshop was one of the best continuing education workshops I have ever attended. Thank you for your dedication and passion."



"At the end of the class, you said this work would change my life. You were right! Thank You!"



"Overall, it was excellent. From the first hour of the first day to the last hour of the last day."



"Fantastic work. It is what I wanted to learn. I will take this class with me forever and into a new path."



"The information provided in this class is very informative and has given me the comfort and confidence to work in any situation. Thank you very much for the knowledge."



"My sense of touch has improved and my knowledge of the disease is greater. The class was better than I expected and my hopes were high."      -K.A.


"Great workshop! I really appreciate the pace of the class and having time for questions & practical work."



"I found this workshop very informative and the most organized I've attended in a long time."

-Lauren Manzano, massage therapist, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa


"I loved this workshop. I learned so much. Thank you."

-Erica Dicus, massage therapist, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa


"Wonderful, beautiful, more than I expected. It has changed the way I look at massage therapy after 22 years."

-Jane Chirst, Greenville, SC

"Although I’m not a massage therapist, this class has changed the way that I plan to practice nursing. I never realized how soothing and healing hands can be. Often, I’m confronted by patients suffering from the effects of cancer treatment and I now feel comfortable providing a comforting hand – literally."

-Sommer Kaskowitz, RN, San Diego, CA


"Great class! Professional, informative excellent presentation, extreme patience, courteous, fun and caring."



"This information is essential and all therapists should be aware of this. I thought the instruction was organized, detailed and well-paced. A wonderful blend of compassion and education."



"Wonderful workshop, it provides many possible avenues. I was very pleased with every aspect of this program, and I seldom give rave reviews."



"Thank you for the succinct presentation and the overwhelming source of integrity you bring to awareness of client safety!"



"This was an awesome, on point, polite training. Beautifully supported. Well thought out. I loved the content. Easy to digest. Well done all round."

-Annette Crystal, massage therapist, Ojai Valley Inn and Spa

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