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Massage table and massage accessories

If you are unable to bring a massage table please ask that table arrangements be made on your behalf. Please do bring a bolster or bed pillow for personal comfort.


Linens and lotion

Linens for personal use. A blanket for warmth, and a pillowcase or towel that can be used as a chest drape. NO lotion required for this class.



Provided for you at class

- Class notes


There is a water filter on site that you can refill your water bottle at, and a tea set up station with warm water and assorted teas.

Scar Mobilization for Clients Affected by Breast Cancer



Your preferred note-taking materials. Colored pens/markers often show useful.


Dress in layers to ensure you stay warm. Do, please, take this recommendation to heart. The nurses working in the infusion center which is adjacent to where we will be have control over the thermostat and the temperature setting is in their hands, literally, and their mood depending is where it is set for the day


Nutritious snack-pack and water bottle.


Travel mug for use at the tea station.

We look forward to seeing you for a rewarding learning and practice-changing experience!


Please note - The hospital campus is big and busy, and parking is a hot commodity. It will take at best 20 minutes to deliver your massage table, linens and personal needs for the day to the reception area, go park your car in the for-free designated area, and return to the class room. Link here for where to park information.


Please plan your timing around this consideration.